In Japanese it is referred to as “Honzame”, in Europe as “Shagreen”. Stingray has been utilized worldwide for centuries because of its beauty and durability. It is by far the most durable leather used on the planet, often referred to as “immortal” and jewel of the sea. Stingray will not burn, break or fray, yet it can be cut with a standard pair of scissors. Perhaps most famous for its utilization on Japanese sword handles, it was also very popular and widely used on American and European swords and daggers. In Egypt when the tombs of ancient pharaohs were discovered, stingray was found to be used as armor, decoration and ornamental embellishment. More recently, stingray can often be seen in subjects from the “Art Deco” movement. Such pieces include furniture, crafts, eyeglass cases, parasol umbrellas, handbags and many other products. Today, stingray is still used for many of the above as well as knife sheaths, knife handles, wallets, belts, handbags, boots, and other accessories. Most recently I’ve seen both pool cues and Harley Davidson seats wrapped in luxurious stingray.”

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