Throughout my research I have been trying to understand what we have, how we got here and where we are going. This process has brought me to a place I could not have forseen. Trying to understand what appears to be the most basic form/idea has been a far from simple task. To put it simply, here are the facts:

1. Our entire world is built upon shared knowledge and our most clear understanding of our past is what we can gather from hand-crafted artifacts. Before there was written language we drew pictures to tell stories, carved images into stone and other objects of the earth. It is in our nature to leave something for then next person to find. 

2. The invention of the book made it easier to share our story, but hand written books were cherished greatly and kept secure. The invention of the printing press made books readily available and up until now we have relied on books for everything we want to know.


3. Since the spawn of the internet books have been slowly becoming less relative to our daily lives and now with objects like the ipad or the Kindle books can be downloaded and people are becoming less motivated to own a hard copy of anything which in turn is causing a decline in the need for bookcases. 

From here I realized that we may not be headed in the right direction. The lifespan of electronic devices is not comparable to that of a book. We must leave behind objects of importance, not plastic trash. In order for me to re-design the bookcase to make it relevant to now, I must re-connect the people of today with a very old idea; THE BOOK IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!